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Dated: 03/25/2016

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When I was a kid I loved to wake up early and go to work with my Dad. He had this red 1987 NIssan Hardbody 4x4 truck that seemed unstoppable. Loaded in the back of the truck was 

every thing you could possibly imagine to build and to create. The metal rack on top of the bed of the truck always had  looped extension cords, and sheets of plywood stacked on top.

 On big jobs my Dad would load up his car trailer with his bobcat, cement mixers, bricks, and all sorts of other building materials. No one could ever quite figure out how that little truck

 could handle such a payload, and no one could ever quite figure out how my dad "Jack" could do, fix, or build just about anything.  He was a hands on guy, when we needed a new roof,

 the car trailer was loaded up and we would be up on the roof. When he decided he wanted a big garage, he cleared the land, poured the slab, framed the structure, wired the building 

and filled it with his junk!

3751 Sunny Ridge Cr.

My dad always barked orders at me and would say: "Get me that thing over there " I would say: "what thing?" he would typically get frustrated and do it himself rather than explain it to me. So I learned to do things from him by watching him. I would follow his motions because a normal man couldn't lift the things he could lift, or build what he could build. He had a way about him. He would use his tools to invent a way to do it. I got pretty familiar after time rolling out the tools and getting set up for the job so we were ready to go to work after my dad would say "Hi" to the homeowner and explain exactly what we would be doing that day.  The first item of business was always, 100% of the time, to roll out the extension cord and plug in the radio to listen to AM talk radio all day long. Yup, Rush Limbaugh and the whole gang! Next item of business was always to get things organized for the job, which meant lots of 5 gallon buckets with dried up concrete caked on the rims of the buckets. Fill the buckets with water, and start mixing the concrete. My goal for the day was always to stay ahead of dad, or he would have words with me. At a younger age it used to cut my feelings a little, but as I got to my teens, I took it as motivation to stay ahead of his work, and he was fast, strong, and agile! 

3686 Tarpon Dr.

To any person, the back of my dads truck would kind of look like a mess, but when it was time to roll up the job, If I didn't have everything in a certain order he would have words with me. He was a very calculated individual when it came to work, always on time, always reliable. You could also rely on a bottle of mixed nuts and a handful of old 32 oz soda cups in the cab of the truck with watered down sodas, or some crazy mixture of drinks that he came up with that day. I always loved getting to the job site  while it was still dark out, and watching the sun rise. The world would kind of wake up after we were already working. Neighbors would stop by to check on our work, and one job always led to the next. Quality was of utmost importance on all of his jobs. I remember a day that dad made me feel pretty proud. He told me: "Son, looks like you can handle this on your own" he got up and without further instruction he left. It was hours before he came back. In fact I had completed the job and was all rolled up waiting for him to return. Just about that time, he arrived. He had my Mom with him and wanted to show her my work. He didn't really say much to me, but he didn't have to. It was the best compliment a boy could receive.

758 Malibu Cr.

Nowadays as a Realtor, I love rolling up to the job site, and chat with all of the tradesman. It reminds me of those days when dad taught me how to work. I see a lot of the guys who work with their boys, or a nephew, throwing them the ropes, and it makes me smile. As an agent I have found a wonderful niche working with some of the best builders in town, and some great investors that make the jobs possible. I have been lucky to always have new construction homes being built for sale one after the other. There is nothing quite like it when someone  gets into a brand new home. There is a distinct smell and feel to a new home that is very exciting. I just cannot seem to get enough of it! 

778 Malibu Cr.

The more I learn about new construction and how important it is in our economy, the more I am constantly trying to push the envelope, because I know it creates new jobs, and I know that it boosts our economy. It excites me when purchasers of new construction homes are able to typically sell the home in just a few years with a lot of profit and get into another one, because new construction homes increase their value more than double over homes that are just 5 years old. Never would I had thought just how important of a work my dad was teaching me at such a young age.  I feel a sense of duty to perpetuate new construction for as long as I can, and just how important of an economic component new construction is in our country.

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Written by Chad Nelson

Cherry Tree New Construction

2 comments in this topic

  • Posted by Shirley Nelson
    I just read this to dad. His remarks were exactly how he felt about his dad. "Jack Nelson Dream Homes" were trademarks he grew up with in Newhall, Califirnia. The legacy they left is what we're guarding while we're alive for our posterity. Your Grandpa Nelson is smiling from heaven ❤️
  • Posted by Charles Brown
    Awesome !!! That was like reading something I would've written about my Dad growing up.

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