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Dated: 10/02/2017

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In September 2016, I was eating breakfast at Rusty's when my sister told me I should become a Realtor!  I immediately searched for a school and grabbed the last seat at Arizona Living School of Real Estate.  While attending school, it was difficult because I had been working graveyard at The Nautical Beachfront Resort for $10 hour for 13 months until I decided to put in my 2-week notice.  Then I got a job at Papa John's for $7 hour and that doesn't seem to be working out; now it's time for me to sell you a home or sell my home!

I completed my schooling and received my real estate certificate in October.  It took me 7 tries before I passed the State Exam in August 2017!  Anyone testing for real estate should concentrate on only real estate.  Any problems, drama, etc. is just going to hold you back!  I attended a week long trial as a Federal Juror and I thought I could study and pass the exam at the same time; I do not recommend taking on other people problems, especially at the Federal level.  I had an extremely hard time trying to study when you have a life changing influence on other people lives; however, I realized super fast that being a Salesperson is not about real estate or sales, it's about life, Your Life!

Once I passed my exam I started interviewing brokers to hire, I found out fast how busy they are!  Not everyone will make time for you, return your phone calls or messages.  I wanted someone that will help, support, mentor, teach, etc. but not leave me in the dust.  I thought a team might be my best bet but I had no clue about what a team was.  In real estate, each and every salesperson is a competitor so unless you are experienced you'll want to shadow other agents and learn as much as possible to get out there and do it yourself!

My personal real estate experience includes buying my first house 7 years ago in 2010, when I worked at Walmart; after being a home owner for 3 years I hired a realtor to sell my house and buy my second home.  My current house (pictured above) I wanted so bad that my offer was asking price, paid closing costs, and they could do whatever they wanted with everything in the house, and you know what? I got the house before the neighbor could even put in an offer and it closed in 28 days!

If I can make it happen for me, I can make it happen for you too!  This is why I decided to join The A Team at Keller Williams; Chad Nelson, Cindy Buonauro, Kim Turner, Kaitlyn Gabbard, Jodie Furguson, Julian Stevens, Christie Mills, Cindy Dionne, Donna Edwards, Logan Cibik, & Holly Skelton make me feel comfortable like part of a family; I know that The A Team will be there to help, support, and guide me during my transition to staying a salesperson!  I'm excited to be a member of the A team and I've never been this happy in the work environment in my life!

The A Team

Jon Hundley

(928) 230-4952

Keller Williams Realty

[email protected]

A Team Office No.: LC625316004

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