The What Ifs And Where They Lead

Dated: 10/31/2017

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Do you ever think about what it would take for you to make the next big step in your life? For me that's not the only thing I thought about. Other things that crossed my mind are the big what if's and the what about's. When you look down to the little being that you created and everything you do reflects on their life, sometimes second-guessing things becomes almost natural. Like some, one of my biggest fears is uncertainty. I don't like not knowing what's at the end of the tunnel or what could happen. So big leaps of faith happen to be the hardest things I needed to overcome in my life. I used to be in the banking industry, who doesn't love banker hours? Paid vacations and weekends off, it’s great, right? That's something that most people dream of. For me, I don't like having a cap on the great abilities that I have. Your shining star can only shine so bright. And that wasn't me.

They always talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time however I was fortunate this one night to be at the right place at the right time in my life. I'll never forget that night. It was Valentine's Day and my girlfriend, and I decided to spend it as a night on the town. We took selfies and danced the night away. The late hours took us to a house party where I would later have the discussion that would change everything I have ever thought about my life. At that point I was greeted by one friend, you get the same routine "hey" and "how have you been, how's work?" An hour-long conversation that leads to " Kelly, you're great with what you do, why don't you come sell cars?" I Laugh at the thought and a quick reference to the movie Matilda comes to mind with her sleaze ball dad who was a used car sales man. Me being me, I don't see how women would do any good in that industry, that's a man’s line of work! The second person, whom I met that night, was the farthest thing from a motivational talk, let me tell you. He was one step away from seeing the closest point of contact from my acrylic nails in his eyes for his obnoxious behavior. Little did I know, he would be part of my influence on my next big leap of faith.

Thus, I had something to think about as I went home that night. Selling cars...... financial freedom...... security for my daughter..........where do I buy pepper spray? The next day, I ran my whole thought process by my best friend. He says " Kelly, you have always done what you wanted to do. And you will never know if you don't try!"
Three months later I took that leap of faith and my second month in the business I sold 22 cars! I went far, I learned tons, met great people, I had no limit on my financial gains. I worked my way up to finance manager, and was given the opportunity I had wanted for years. But the hours left this void in my heart. I worked so much, I missed the little things with my daughter. I had to find a way to meet my goals in the middle. Be great, do great. Make money and be the best mom ever. I met a few realtors upon my adventure of selling cars. They all would say " you would do great!!" I snickered inside "me, sell homes? Pfft okay!" Now in the three years that I was on my selling adventure I reconnected with that guy that almost caught a claw to the face. He was on a sober path, working as his own boss, and having his own financial freedom. He was no longer that obnoxious guy, he was providing a service for people and making money the right way. He tells me " whydon’t you just try, just go for it. You think it's easy for an addict to just get sober and stay sober?" He was right! I had nothing stopping me other than my own thoughts. If he could do it I could do it!
So, here we sit, two leaps of faith later. One from banking to the car business, and second to real estate. My goals have never strayed from what I want for my clients, the best and fastest results with great customer service. I have always and will continue to strive to give every customer of mine the best representation for their buying or selling needs.
Being the best and doing the best isn't something that just affects me. It helps me make new bonds of trust with people, it helps show my kids that hard work and perseverance are the key to being successful. It helps show my significant other that he believes in me for the best reasons, and proves to my friends that they were right about me. A positive circle in life breeds more positivity!
On that note, that was my deciding factor of why I choose to work with Keller Williams Arizona Living's A-Team. They have done nothing but shown a sphere of positivity, and horizon of great things that are bound to come this way from the nurturing and loving environment they provide. As they welcome me, I welcome you on my adventure. Follow me as I learn and grow. Help me, help you with your next choice of real estate. I promise to uphold the highest standard of service for the both of us.

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