Tax Tips For Homeowners

Dated: 02/13/2019

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It's tax season. We all know that time of the year, when you have to go through and look at all of your finances from the year. There are many things that you can do when filing taxes as a homeowner to make it better. A big choice that you have to make at the start of all of it is whether or not you are going to itemize. It is easier to just do standard deductions, but if you take the time to itemize, you can get a lot more out of it. A really strange thing that you can deduct if you itemize is actually your other taxes. That's right, you can deduct your taxes from your taxes. If you do decide to itemize, it is very important to keep track of your expenses throughout the year, including bills and receipts so that it is easier when it comes to tax time and then you have all of the proof in case of audit. You can even use a home office (it has to actually be a real home office that you use for business)  as a deductible based on square footage. You can also deduct second houses or RV's or boats that you could live on. Obviously there are rules that you have to follow to deduct these things off of your taxes. Also go through and figure out you things that you have interest on, such as you mortgage and use those as deductibles. There are so many other tips you can find to help you with your taxes, especially as a homeowner. 

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