Logan Cibiks Perspective On The Intern Program

Dated: 11/11/2016

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The A Team

                                                                                                         Vision 20/20 Intern program       

The A Team

  The Vision 20/20 intern program is a program, in which high schoolers are able to experience a job they may want to pursue, or get some very great experience. You are able to choose from many different careers such as, not limited to, Business, Real estate, Hospitality, and Health. The Program will give you an opportunity to job shawdow, as well as give you some real world experience. The main idea of the program is to help high schoolers find out what they may want to do after high school. As well as exposing them to what the community is about. Now, I am still currently going through this program, and I will tell you what it is like so far.

1. How you get into the program.

 How you get into the program is by, going to your career center at your school, and picking up an application that has all of the requirements to apply. Then you submit that application back to your career center. Then you will get an email for an interview for the internship. Next is the interview.

2. Interviewing for the program.

 You will get a date, and time, and place for your interview. Make sure to try and dress nice for the interview, as it is in front of a lot of professionals. The interview its self is mostly talking about your accomplishments, and your future goals in life. The interview will take maybe 10 minutes. Just be yourself, and you will have no problem. Next was my email that I had gotten accepted to internship for real estate.

3. Accepted for the internship.

I had gotten an email that I had been accepted to the program. I have always wanted to experience how real estate works. I then contacted the A Team at Keller Williams, and I started about 4 days after I had gotten the email. I then drove down to where I was interning, and met with everybody in the office. Everybody there is very nice.

4. My experience so far.   Front waiting room

The experience that I have been given so far, is amazing. Just being able to see how everything runs in a real estate is amazing. The men and women who work there, are amazing. They help me with a lot of things. On my first day we drove to a house that was for sale, and we did a 3D model of that house, It was amazing. The type of technology that is now available is awesome. The house we did has gotten a lot of views since then. That was definitely an awesome day. The second day was grunt work, mostly cleaning around the office. Day three Chad had shown me the MLS system, which has all of the digital contracts for the buyer, and the seller. I got to learn a lot about what is in the contracts, and what they mean, and a little bit about negotiating. I hope to get a lot of real world experience such as what I have already been given in the program. 

5. Why?

The reason I applied to this program in the first place was to get some actual real experience. I have already been given a lot of experience in the program. I also liked how I was given the opportunity to go through this program. Not many places, or schools give students the opportunity to try something this great. The fact that I am able to be in high school, and get real world experience still amazes me. This is the first time that I have been given this opportunity, and I took it very quickly. I believe that if anybody is given this great opportunity, they should definitely take it.  

6. Expectations

My expectations for the program is that it will continue to give students the real world experience needed for real jobs. I still have a ways to go in the program, and I can not wait to see what lies ahead. Again, I hope this program will really give me the experience needed for the real world, as well as help me understand the possibilities of this job.  

Front waiting room                                                            Conference Room

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