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I love that as you are boating or in your ATV, there are so many beautiful lighthouses to look at here in Lake Havasu. Here is some information you may not know about the lighthouses here:

Lake Havasu Lighthouses: Replicas of Famous Lighthouses Around the U.S.

Lighthouses around Lake Havasu City

12 News Arizona spotlights Lake Havasu's lighthouses

When one thinks of lighthouse locations, they rarely consider a landlocked, desert state such as Arizona for their location, but it just so happens that Lake Havasu City is home to more lighthouses than any other city in the entire country.

These scaled-down replicas are actual functioning navigational aids built to the specifications of famous lighthouses on East Coast, West Coast and Great Lakes. More than eighteen can be seen on the shores of the lake. Most can be hiked to while some are only accessible by boat.

This massive collection of lighthouses was originally started for safety purposes. The Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club, a non-profit group of independent citizens dedicated to the preservation, improvement and promotion of Lake Havasu and the City, wanted to make the lake a safe place for night boating and fishing.

Yet, instead of just settling on simple and mundane lighthouses that could be cheaply produced, they took pride in their development and chose to pay homage to the famous lighthouses in the U.S. by making smaller replica lighthouses.

All lighthouses were built and are maintained by the folks at the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club. These fully-functional replicas of famous lighthouses make an already adventurous boating experience even more beautiful and unique.

All of the lighthouses on the west side of Lake Havasu are replicas of famous lighthouses on the West Coast, while the east side consists of East Coast replicas. The lighthouses around the island are all replicas of lighthouses from the Great Lakes.

As per the coast guard's navigational regulations, lighthouses on the west coast use a green beacon, while east coast lighthouses use a red beacon. Lighthouses with a flashing amber beacon signify safe harbor lights for emergency use only. Lighthouses are just one of the many unique and interesting attractions on Lake Havasu.

One way to see over a dozen of these replicas of famous lighthouses in one sitting is with the Sunset Charter & Tour Co. which takes passengers aboard the Canyon Cruiser Kon Tiki on a two hour narrated tour every Wednesday between the months of October and May. For a list of all the lighthouses that can be hiked or driven to, stop by the Visitor Center in the English Village.


Click on map to expand or download a printable PDF.

Lighthouse Map # Date Est. Location/GPS Sponsor Original Location
Lake Havasu Lighthouse Information
Cape Hatteras L1 Oct. 27, 2002 PWC Ramp at Lake Havasu State Park -- GPS: 34.494104,-114.362628 Steve Greeley of KJJJ and KNTR Buxton, NC
Table Bluff L2 May 2, 2006 Entrance to Havasu Landing Marina -- GPS: 34.481849,-114.403190 Mark Matt of USA RV Marine Humboldt, CA
East Quoddy L3 Sep. 17, 2006 North end of Bridgewater Channel, NE corner (in Lake Havasu State Park) -- GPS: 34.475640,-114.355610 Community members as a memorial to Capt. Vic Reyes New Brunswick, Canada
West Quoddy L4 June 30, 2002 North end of Bridgewater Channel, NW corner -- GPS: 34.474802,-114.355606 Lake Havasu Yacht Club Lubec, ME
Robert H. Manning L5 Feb. 2, 2003 Crazy Horse Campground Marina entrance -- GPS: 34.470518,-114.362059 Crazy Horse RV Park & Campground Empire, MI
Vermilion L6 Oct. 29, 2005 North side of the island -- GPS: 34.460059,-114.373082 Family & friends of George Darrow Lake Erie, Vermilion, OH
Split Rock L7 Jan. 4, 2004 Northwest corner of the island -- GPS: 34.455381,-114.375452 The Esmay Family Lake Superior, Two Harbors, MN
Point Gratoit L8 Jan. 23, 2015 Pittsburgh Point, NW of Site Five -- GPS: 34.451991,-114.374479 Hjalmar Sundin as a memorial to his wife, Mary Dunkirk, NY
Alpena L9 Nov. 5, 2006 Near Site Five on the island -- GPS: 34.449693,-114.372920 Mohave County Board of Supervisors Alpena, MI
Wind Point L10 Oct. 17, 2010 Site Six channel -- GPS: 34.449283,-114.372008 Dean Rowe Family Wind Point, WI
Chicago Harbor / Navy Pier L11 Sep. 29, 2013 South of Site Six, north of Islander Marina -- GPS: 34.450468,-114.362478 Ginger & Norma Sundin Chicago, IL
White Shoal L12 Nov. 2, 2008 15th Green on Island Golf Course -- GPS: 34.452415,-114.351521 John & Janet Roe & Ginger Sundin as a memorial to Eric Sundin Lake Michigan, 20 miles west of the Mackinac Bridge
Algoma L13 Aug. 6, 2009 Spectator Point on the island -- GPS: 34.454805,-114.347582 The Matzdorff Family Algoma, WI
Lake Havasu Marina Lighthouse L14 Built in 2000 Lake Havasu Marina entrance -- GPS: 34.462465,-114.348195 Lake Havasu Marina N/A
Buffalo Main L15 Oct. 26, 2003 South end of Bridgewater Channel, SE corner (on the island) -- GPS: 34.465398,-114.347883 Coldwell Banker-The Judd Group Buffalo, NY
Currituck Beach L16 Oct. 31, 2004 South end of Bridgewater Channel, SW corner -- GPS: 34.465314,-114.346548 Premier Material Technology, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN Corolla, NC
Fire Island L17 Oct. 28, 2012 Piccadilly Point, south of Rotary Park -- GPS: 34.4602778,-114.3405583 Bob & Helen Fraser Long Island, NY
Mount Desert Rock L18 Apr. 1, 2007 Grass Island, CA side -- GPS: 34.446612,-114.337496 Shirley Robinson, family & friends Frenchboro, ME
Permaquid Point L19 June 30, 2007 Havasu Springs Marina entrance -- GPS: 34.299174,-114.129427 forum members Sandy Hook, NJ
Pigeon Point L20 April 5, 2016 Just north of Copper Canyon, CA side -- GPS: 34.431092, -114.315645 Liesen & Quiggle Families Pigeon Point State Park, CA
Umpqua River L21 Aug. 6, 2009 Just south of Copper Canyon, CA side -- GPS: 34.425130, -114.302295 Anonymous Umpqua River, OR
Portland Head L22 Feb. 11, 2017 On small island in front of Skier's Island, CA side -- GPS: 34.430922, -114.320483 Larry Poole Family Permaquid Point, ME
Grays Harbor L23 Sept. 29, 2013 Whipple Bay, CA side -- GPS: 34.4002806,-114.272678 Ruth Wright Family Westport, WA
Barnegat L24 Aug. 3, 2008 Two miles north of Cattail Cove, AZ side -- GPS: 34.363917,-114.209053 Ruth Navin & Family as a memorial to their grandfather Barnegat, NJ
Berwick L25 Aug. 3, 2008 Across from Parker Dam, AZ side -- GPS: 34.307639,-114.135484 Cajun Mardi Gras Group Berwick, LA
Sandy Hook L26 June 30, 2007 Havasu Springs Marina entrance -- GPS: 34.299174,-114.129427 forum members Sandy Hook, NJ
Cape Henry L27 Dec. 20, 2017 Lake Havasu State Park Windsor 4 Launch Ramp -- GPS: 34.4776516,-114.3549450 Dale and Diane Gibson Virginia Beach, VA

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