LHUSD Dress Code Changes

Dated: 05/11/2018

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On Tuesday (May 8, 2018) the LHUSD school board passed a change to the Lake Havasu School's dress codes. This change bans all rips or tears in any clothes under the waist. It also does not allow inappropriately hemmed clothes of any kind. This is on top of the finger tip length rule that they passed last year (a rule that states all shorts must be fingertip length). This new ruling has outraged many parents and students mostly because the school board asked for little input before passing the rule as well as them not listening to any of the people who went to the school board meeting on Tuesday. Click here to go watch the board meeting if interested.  The debate starts at 2:18:00.

Parents are extremely mad at the new rule because it was just last year that many girl students at LHHS had to revamp their closets to adjust to the rule. They spent a lot of time and money to find new clothing and now the board wants to restrict another popular choice in clothing, ripped jeans. But the thing is, there is very little backing up this ruling. At least with the finger tip ruling it was an arbitrary length so girls would not have their bottoms hanging out. Originally the rule that was proposed by LHHS was to ban holes above fingertip length but the board took it a lot further, outright banning holes. When asked why they made this change they give a variety of reasons, all of which you can see in the debate video. This rule will force many parents to revamp student's wardrobes again, costing them even more money. This is only a brief overview of the issue at hand and I highly recommend watching the board meeting to get a sense of what is going on.

If you have anything at all to say on this issue there is a survey for anyone in the Lake Havasu community for anyone to take if they want their voice to be heard in this debate. The link to that is bit.ly/lhhsdress. Share it around to anyone in Havasu, have your voice heard!

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