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Thought I would touch base on building your own home!  The first thing is finding the lot that you love...the street that you love...and if you are looking for a view....the view that you love!  Finding the right builder for you is key as well.  You will know if the fit is right.

Although building can be frustrating at times due to delays here and also can be an amazing and exciting experience.  I'm building a new home here in Havasu and it is my first custom new home build.  Some delays already...but, it's starting to take shape and come along nicely.

Some tips to your home build journey....Take PICTURES!  Take pics during the whole process.  Looking back you will be so happy you did so and have those memories to share with your friends and family.

I'm looking forward to designing the inside and making it my own.


All the framing has been completed and we are now onto the windows!   If you have a view from the back yard, it would be a good idea to open up your slider and add in a multi-slide stacking door!  Bring some of the outside in!  

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Right around this time of the are ready to pick out your counter top slabs and tile work for your bathrooms and or kitchen!  For me...Picking out slabs and tile is the hardest. LOL   You tend to second guess yourself.   I brought in the help of my daughters who have a great eye for design and what is hot right now.  Moving away from the neutrals and heading into more whites!  

Shower tile with sample of Bathroom slab

Kitchen Counter Slabs

Most importantly....Take your time picking everything out.  Look at a few different companies for slabs and tile!


So what's next you ask?   Let me tell you.   Now that the roof is being tiled, the house is getting wrapped.  Electrical is finishing up.  Side Note....Make sure you think about everything you would like as far as outlets, lights, fans, additional electrical for pool...etc...At the time of signing your contract.  All these items add up....And I mean a lot.   

Although it all is still exciting, the extras will stress you out a bit.  Especially when you are on a budget.  So,  take notes, give them to your builder as you go along if you have not done so at the contract signing.  

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Ok...Electrical almost finished and onto the inspection.   Make sure when the subs say that they are installing...let's say ceiling fans...Make sure you are there prior to make sure they are centered in the room.   Side note...When building during the Holiday seasons, know that your build will take about another 1-2 months longer.  My builder, Advanced Homes has done a fabulous job and they are an amazing builder here in Lake Havasu.

Here are some updated photos....Next to come on the build is Insulation, Drywall and then Stucco!

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November UPdate!   Last week of November came the insullation.  House is starting to come along.  Next is drywall which will be the first week of December.  At that point your new build starts to really look more like a finished home.    Stucco will fall shortly.!

***Note***  Make sure you revisit all electrical and plumbing, just in case, before the drywall starts.  Hard to go back after that.  Gets pricey!


So just before the holiday break....the inside walls were textured.  Outside has stucco.  During this step, I picked out the interior and exterior paint colors.   Cabinets have been ordered and are scheduled to be installed at the end of January.


My home is finally coming along....The inside has been painted and the outside has been stucco'd!  Hooray!

Apparently the garage doors go up before they are painted....Not sure why that is.    The can lights have been installed as well.  That was just after the interior paint.  Next is the flooring.  I'm having concrete floors.   Painted white and marbled!  Should look amazing.   Cabinets will be arriving in the next week and they will be installed as soon as the floors are done.  Tile will be installed around that time as well.

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Well....It's been a bit difficult dealing with builder stuff.  Between the general and the tile sub-contractor, there was no communication.  Stay on them!  Make sure the general is always in contact with the subs and know what is going on.  I lost my slabs for my counter tops because the sub-contractor never picked them up.  It took me months to find the right ones and now they are gone!  Needless to say, I was not pleased.  So it is very important to always keep in touch with everyone.  You can only rely on yourself at the end of the day with some things.   

Knowing that I was doing concrete stained floors, the contractor was also not on top of the painters and they should have protected my floors....I had to pay for someone to come in and get all the paint off.  Not happy.  That was an expense out of my pocket because again....the contractor thinks it was not his job.

***Make sure when doing a contract for a build that you have the General get multiple quotes from sub-contractors.  Don't just roll over and accept who they normally use!  You have an opportunity to save money!

My General told me I had to go get my own quotes after I was not happy with the extremely large quote he gave me.  This is not professional in any way!  It is the General's job to take care of that!

My doors are all stained and my cabinets are just being installed this week.  So, atleast I am happy with that.  Now, I'm just trying to get a phone call back for someone to stain my floors.  UGH....Things move mighty slow here in Havasu. Image titleImage titleImage title


I can see the finish line!  With approximately a 4-6 weeks left of my build, the little things are coming together.  All of my outside lights are on their way, searching for all my knobs and drawer pulls, ceiling fans, etc…  So hard to really pick all those little things.  I’m finding my self second guessing, especially since I am combining a couple looks.  Had to rely on a few of my friends opinions to help me through it all!

My old home in Corona was all Mediterranean and earth tones….this one is Spanish with all white outside, all white floors and walls with all super dark furniture, cabinets and doors!  It is going to look great!

I finally found a great floor guy to stain my floors and we are just waiting to get going on that this week!  I am hoping it all works out like I envision.

White stain on the concrete floors with an eggshell epoxy covering!  Can not be too white or the floors will be blinding with all the natural light coming through my multi slide stacking doors!

Any other suggestions as far as building your own home?????  I think it really comes down to really not waiting too long to make your decisions, dot you I’s and cross your T’s even though your contractor has it handled.  Watch every move and question everything, otherwise it may be too late to change it.

Stay Tuned!

Floors are done!...Although not quite the marbled effect I was initially looking for, I do love how they came out.  The pics show more grey than they actually are.  They are white with great showing through with an eggshell or satin finish.  So when the sun comes in, it will not be too blinding.

Let me know what you me at


Loan is locked in till mid May,  we are just waiting on the countertops and showers to be tiled.  Have my hood for the stove installed.  That had to be retrofitted since it was an industrial hood.  Things are moving a little slow.   I still need to purchase front door hardware.  Outside lights will be installed soon as well.  That is it for now.

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