Home And Lot Sales From 2012

Dated: 02/03/2016

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If you are wondering how home and lot sales are doing, the newspaper says it's good, Agents say it's good, but what is the truth.

Well... Here are the numbers friends!!!

Lot sales                                                                      Single family home sales Homes/condo's/Town-homes/New construction

                    2012         290                                           2012 1464

                    2013         403                                           2013 1674

                    2014         385                                           2014 1494

                    2015         472                                           2015 1694

The market is looking great!  Buyer confidence is good, interest rates are still very low, and inventory is still on the low side(about 847 single family properties). This makes it a great time to sell because our inventory constantly needs to be replenished for buyer demand, and it's a great time to buy due to great interest rates and incredible loan programs like 0% down Primary home loans, 10% down on Vacation homes.

The A Team works with the best lenders in the business, and can show  buyers where the hot deals are, and show sellers how much it will cost for them to use an agent Vs. selling on their own. We do this at no charge so call us first! 

Written by Chad Nelson

The A Team at Keller Williams 928-486-9946 [email protected]

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