History Of Lake Havasu And Real Estate

Dated: 03/05/2018

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The community first started as an Army Air Corps rest camp. In 1958, Robert P. McCulloch purchased 3,353 acres of property including the peninsula that eventually would be transformed into "the Island". The city was incorporated in 1978.

The population of Lake Havasu is 52,527 people in 2018. This number is known to grow in size a great deal when winter visitors come from all other areas, usually to escape the cold weather. We also have a lot of people who visit from California in the hot summer months to take their boats out on the beautiful lake we have here. Lake Havasu offers a lot of activities to keep our local community and our vacationers busy with fun activities and events. 

The London Bridge was bought by McCulloch for US $2.5 million from the City of London when the bridge was replaced in 1968. If you go to the visitor center you can see how exactly they numbered every piece and then brought it here and pieced it back together. It is definitely a focal point for visitors coming to Lake Havasu. It is very impressive.

McCulloch and developer C.V. Wood joined efforts and founded what would be a thriving community. Wood designed the Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim, California. Originally they designed the streets so that everyone would have a lake view. 

The town has continued to grow and people who visit usually fall in love with this beautiful place that I now happily get to call my home. Our Real Estate market has been very steady and does not show any signs of changing any time soon. 

Here are some of my favorite sunset photos taken by.... ME! 

Rotary ParkBody BeachMartini Bay

Rotary Park



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