Hiking In Lake Havasu

Dated: 10/24/2017

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Image titleLake Havasu Hiking 

It’s that beautiful time of year again here in Lake Havasu City. The weather is cooler in the morning and in the evening. Perfect for that great hike with family and friends.

Pack a scrumptious breakfast or lunch. Sit down, take some deep breaths and thoroughly take in the amazing surroundings. Life doesn’t get much better than that!

On your next hike...make sure to pack accordingly and be safe!

Some of the things that are recommended to bring on your hike are as follows:



Cell phone (advised, although service may not be available in some areas). TURN ON GPS! The GPS on your cell phone may help authorities locate you in case of an emergency!


Day pack (padded shoulder straps advised)

First aid kit (Ace bandage, bandages, pain killers, mole skin, surgical adhesive)

Flashlight or headlight (advised, especially if hiking in late afternoon)Image title

GPS unit (optional)


Salty snacks, trail mix, power bars and/or sandwiches (for longer hikes)

Sunscreen and lip balm

Toilet paper, tissue or paper towels (please carry out)

Walking stick (optional)

Water/sports drink, ½-1 quart per person each for four hours of hiking

Whistle or noise-making device

Check out this link for your hiking checklists, trails, and maps!


Remember to let others know where you are going and what time to expect you back! Leave a copy of an itinerary in your vehicle as well……And most importantly….have a fabulous day!

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