Fire Chief And Captain To Retire This Spring

Dated: 02/23/2016

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Fire Chief Dennis Mueller and Captain Paramedic Brian Irwin plan to retire after 35 years in the Lake Havasu City Fire Department.

In 1980, Lake Havasu City had 4 fire stations and fielded about 3 calls. Today, there are 6 fire stations, and the department fields about 30 calls per day. That is a lot of change over the last 35 years and I'm proud, as a citizen of Lake Havasu, of the job they did! Fire Chief Mueller was reminiscing on one of his first days at the department when his mom called him "pumpkin" and there's still a few people at the department that call him that sum 35 years later! Fire Chief Mueller plans to retire in a couple months, at which point, he plans to take about a year off working with his wife and will be planning the next chapter of his life. Captain Brian Irwin, Known for his computer savvy throughout the department in the early 80's, said he's very proud of where the department is today with the vastness of change that has occurred since his start, 35 years ago. 

Thank you guys for your service to our city!!!!!

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