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Lake Havasu City is a dog-friendly community, with three off-leash dog parks.    

Lion's Dog Park

Lions Dog Park is centrally located at London Bridge Beach, and it's the first dog park I've ever visited.   When Corona (world's best dog) and I found each other, it was obvious she needed to learn to socialize, and I figured the dog park would be a great place to start.

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Let me tell you how Corona and I met.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) was playing competitive tournament paintball at the time, and I sometimes joined him when he went to practice at SC Village Paintball Park in Corona, CA, and that's where Corona and I met.  This dirty, underweight, yet very cute spotted dog was roaming the area.  I tried to pet her, but she was timid and I wasn't able to approach her.  A few people who worked at the paintball park said that she had been hanging out there for a few weeks.  The park was in a rural farm area, and they figured she lived somewhere nearby.

A week later, we were back at SC Village for a tournament, and so was Corona.  After asking around some more, I found out that she was sleeping at the park at night and scrounging for food during the day.  I also noticed that she wasn't just dirty, but it appeared she had been shot with paint balls!  (What's wrong with people?!)  Somehow I was going to help this dog.  Throughout the weekend, I offered her food from my hand, which she would accept, and then back off, but she stuck around a little longer each time.  When it was time to go home Sunday afternoon, I sat in the passenger seat of our little truck, a friend offered Corona food, then quickly scooped her up, and placed her on my lap.  She shook for at least the first hour of our drive back to our home in Havasu, but she never tried to get up from my lap. The bonding had begun.

Long story short, we gave Corona a loving home, made her part of our family, and I took her to Lion's Dog Park every morning, every day for the first year we had her.  Needless to say, she learned how to socialize just fine.  In fact, she quickly became the best dog ever and brought us nothing but joy for over a decade.

Lion's Dog Park is at a beautiful location overlooking the channel.  After visiting the dog park, I always liked to take Corona for a leashed walk on the sidewalk along Bridgewater Channel.

Avalon Dog Park

A section of Avalon Park on the North side of town is fenced off to create Avalon Dog Park.  What I like about Avalon Park is that it's located in a neighborhood not too far from our home.  It doesn't get too crowded, and the kids playground isn't far from the fenced dog area. 

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When we first adopted Daphne (current doggy member of our family) from Western Arizona Humane Society, we brought her to the Avalon Dog Park a dozen times or so.  While we gave it a good try, it turns out that not all dogs are a good fit for the dog park.  Daphne is a very special girl, but she's protective, and it turns out the best place for her to get exercise is right in our own back yard or on a leashed walk around the neighborhood.  Like Corona, Daphne just needed lots of love, and she just gets better every day.

Dylan's Dog Park at Sara Park

Dylan's Dog Park is located on the South side of town at Sara Park.  While I've seen the park, I haven't actually visited it, but I've heard what some people like most about Dylan's Dog Park is that it has a separate section just for little dogs.

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With three to choose from, there's a dog park nearby no matter where you live in Lake Havasu City.  Do you and your furry friend visit our local dog parks?  Comment below.



Don't Shop.  Adopt.

Visit our local Western Arizona Humane Society.

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  • Posted by Kelly Conroy
    I still remember you calling me when you brought Corona home. You were a cat person and didn\'t know if you should take her and I told you that a time will come when you don\'t remember a life without her. She was such a good dog and you were an even better mother/nurturer. A natural. Thanks for the info on the dog parks! I had no idea there were 3 in town now.

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