Colorado River Wars

Dated: 01/22/2016

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I read in the paper this morning that Beards Quality Nut company is moving their company is moving their operation to Kingman Arizona. Why would they be doing that?

1. Arizona is a  business friendly State with less environmental restrictions than some other states near by.

2. Cheaper land. Land leases and land prices in other areas with booming farming areas make the price of the goods go up and the profit margin slim. For that reason, farmers have probably wondered why they hadn't come here sooner!

3. This is the big one! We are on the verge of some major water WARS! In our near future the battle will begin. California has choked farmers water rations as their reservoirs water levels have dropped considerably. What are the farmers going to do? they will flock to the areas with the least amount of restrictions and the areas with the most water rights.

So what does this mean for the southwest region bordering the Colorado river!  Boys and Girls we are about to experience the next GOLD RUSH and huge economic surge in the region in the next few decades.

Watch these Arizona markets:

Mohave Valley


Kingman Valle Vista

Golden Valley

Dolan Springs                                         See The land! Click Here!





Call us for the scoop on Real Estate in these areas!

Written By Chad Nelson- The A Team at Keller Williams

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