7 Myths People Use To Stay Slaves To Landlords

Dated: 07/11/2016

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7 Myths people use to stay slaves to landlordsImage title

Myth 1. I can't afford it.

          Truth: With today's low interest rates and loan programs, You can't afford not to own a home. In many cases, your monthly payment will be lower than rent and you start building equity.

Myth 2. The process is too long and confusing.

           Truth: Depending on the agent you use, the process can be quite simple and quick. You can be a homeowner in as little as 30-45 days

Myth 3. The prices are too high.

           Truth: The market hasn't fully recovered yet, now is a great time to buy and let your home appreciate over the next few years and gain significant equity.

Myth 4. Too much upkeep to pay for.

           Truth: With the amount of money you're building in your equity and not giving to the landlord, you're going to net a lot more money even if something comes up. 

Myth 5. No downpayment.

          Truth: There are many programs available right now that will grant you the downpayment.

Myth 6. Not going to stay here forever

          Truth: Even if you only plan on living here a couple years, if you have a great agent, you'll likely make a profit when you sell to move.

Myth 7. I have bad credit

          Truth: Though you may have to work on your credit, there are people experienced in fixing credit issues quickly and there are many loan programs out there that require different credit scores. Reality is, you don't know until you try.

So make sure you are working with someone that knows their job extremely well, Experience Matters!!! 

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