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Dated: 11/29/2018

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HI everyone!

So you just purchased your home, now what? You have to furnish it! There are many things that you should make sure that you buy for your home for furniture.

One of the main rooms that you have to furnish is your living room. In the living room, you need a couch, whether it be a sectional, a sofa, or a love-seat. Depending on which of these you chose, you should probably purchase some chairs too. Also, you should buy end tables and/or coffee tables. TV's can be purchased for your living room, and any bedrooms in your house.

In your bedroom(s), you have to buy a bed frame and a mattress. Depending on the type of mattress that you buy, you might also need a box-spring. Depending on your preferences you can also get a headboard for your bed. You should also get a dresser for your clothes and other things. If you love to read, you can buy bookshelves, which can also go in other rooms in your house such as your living room. There are also some other pieces of furniture that you can get for your room such as a desk and chair, other chairs, and nightstands. 

Depending on how many rooms you have in your new house, you may also decide to create an office, gym, or other miscellaneous room. Each of these would require a different assortment of furniture, which you can choose on your own preferences.

Every house is different but many houses have back or front patios. On these, you can put outdoor furniture like tables and chairs to create a great outdoor space. If you want to entertain in your backyard, a great option for decor is lights. There are so many different types of string lights and they can make a whole new atmosphere in your back yard. 

Your choices of furniture can make the home yours, but the way to make it even more personal is decorations. Some of these you may have from past homes and some you may want or need to buy. You can decorate with a large variety of things such as: pictures, artwork, and a bunch of little items. You can also create your own decorations. Getting a new house is already exciting but making it your own can be even more exciting!

Here are some links to great sites to get your furniture and decor. 

Some furniture at discounted prices:

Other furniture

If you haven't already bought a house to make your own, here are some that we have available. 

933 Isola Circle

2290 Catamaran Drive

722 Malibu Lane

2040 N. Palo Verde Blvd

Please reach out to me, Cindy Dionne, if you are interested in or have any questions about our properties. 

My phone number is 928-230-5037

My email is Cindyd.theateam@gmail.

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