Why A Clean House Sales Faster

Dated: 12/09/2015

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Say you are looking to buy a home...  You find that perfect Real Estate Agent and you put together a great list of homes to view! You are super excited to start shopping.  Your fabulous agent schedules your showings and you arrive at the first home, remember you looked at this home many times online you have it in your mind just how it will look when you open that door.  Door unlocks swings open and...  do your eyes deceive you?  Dirty dishes in the sink, you can't even open the laundry door due to the mountain of laundry.  Bathrooms do you dare... well you made it this far mine as well, toothpaste all over the sink, wet towels on the floor, all the while your thinking we made an appointment right?  The beds are not made dirty cloths on the floor.  Your only thoughts are this was going to be the house, but you can't even considerate on the house all you see is a very messy home.  the same goes for homes that have way to many pieces of furniture or lots of piles of paper and don't forget the endless amounts of photos or wall decorations.  When you decide to sell your home and move the best thing you can do is make sure it is clean and organized!  Maybe hire someone like a staging consultant to come to your home and help you prepare to present your home in the best way possible!  Or if you are interviewing Real Estate Agents to list your home what are some of the things they are willing to do for you to sell your home?  The A Team at Keller Williams Arizona Living Realty offers a consultation and/or staging to present your home in the best way to get it sold!  BUT the most import ingredient to selling your home is Cleanliness and Clutter free!! Is it hard to live in a home that is on the market heck yes it is!  But if your home stays clean and show ready the faster it will sale and that is the ultimate goal!  And to top off all your hard work daily cleaning and making your home show ready put some icing on that cake, plug in something good smelling and make those shoppers WANT to buy your place!  Don't give them a reason not to!  

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