The Value Of A Team

Dated: 08/30/2016

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To Team or not to Team?

In Real Estate, as I'm sure you've heard, some agents work by themselves, meaning they handle every part of the transaction (which in residential re-sale homes is over 180 individual tasks) on top of the other business and clients they have and are trying to procure.

Other agents use the team approach. Now I know what some of you cynical readers are thinking, "I don't want to be passed onto someone else and forgotten about" which is a valid concern, however a good customer experience depends on the speed at which things are done and catching problems before they surface so you, the client, don't have to deal or worry about them. This is where a team is very, very valuable. The typical team structure starts with an administrative professional or "transaction coordinator" which handles all of the tasks that go along with the transaction once an offer has been accepted. Now, just a disclaimer, this is one model of how to build a team and not necessarily the only way (some agents hire showing agents or listing agents first depending on what they feel they need).

There is truly a benefit of having individuals that specialize in each phase of the home buying or selling process because since this is all they do, they've become experts at the process in which they are in charge and can make the process as smooth as possible. Not all teams are as great as some top producing solo agents but certainly no top producing solo agent can compete with a top producing team. The A-Team in Lake Havasu sold 118 Homes last year and no solo agent can do that many transactions, and have the collective experience that that number of transactions provide, without having a team. Not to mention our team leader Chad having nearly 10 years in the business and around 1000 homes sold, at our beck and call to make sure situations are handled correctly.

    When interviewing an agent or team, make sure you take into account the number of transactions they have done recently (within a year or so) because an agent that has done 100 transactions in 25 years is far less in tune with the market you're currently in than an agent or team that has done 100 transactions this year and will undoubtedly deliver likewise results.

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