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If you are a buyer, a seller, an agent, a lender, a title company or anyone doing anything in Real Estate you know that the landscape of Real Estate is not changing;  It has already changed!

When I first went to work in the Real Estate industry most agents relied on “up time” which is when your brokerage forwards the sales calls to you on a scheduled rotation.  Agents also relied on open houses, ads in the newspaper, and home books to find business.

The advent of online Real Estate marketing was born, when entered the arena and suddenly buyers were able to find every home from every brokerage online.  Fast forward to today’s Real Estate industry and online marketing has taken the market by storm! 

Now it’s all about urgency, information, and negotiating! Buyers and sellers may find themselves frustrated when working with single agents anymore, where the agent may not be able to get the information to them in a timely fashion.  So what is the best solution? Teams are what they are called and teams are set up to deliver a much higher quality experience for buyers and sellers. Teams are usually set up by agents who have developed a successful Real Estate business. The difference between a top producing single agent and a team is that the Team owner (Team Leader) invests back into the business to provide a higher level of service for buyers, sellers, lenders, title companies, and vendors. Teams have specialized personnel to work with buyers, and Sellers (Sales Team), and specialized personnel to work with all of the other nuances of the transactions (Administrative team).

Not all teams are well oiled machines! Before working with a team you may want to ask what kind of repeat business do they have?  How many agent referrals do they receive? What is the team’s conversion ratio? What is the teams closing ratio? How many recommendation letters do they have?

Good ole referral business is the key indicator for a great team, Look for a team with raving fans, and for goodness sakes, read the recommendation letters!

Chad Nelson, The A Team At Keller Williams AZ Living Realty

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