Selling During The Holidays

Dated: 09/19/2017

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     Selling your home during the holiday season has potential to be more challenging than any other time of the year. It's hard to argue with the fact that glitter lights and colorful accents make a home look more cheerful and inviting,but potential buyers need to have an easy time imagining their traditions in your home. Some of the most popular questions from home sellers are related to holiday decorations. Will your ten foot Christmas tree be distracting or make the room look over crowded? Will your display of gifts make your home seem cluttered and rooms appear smaller?  There are conflicting opinions about this topic, some agents welcome Holiday decorations, others recommend very minimal or no Holiday decorations. Some sellers will decorate regardless, If you are one of the many sellers who want to pull out all the stops and decorate according to your family traditions,I have some suggestions for you. 


 Keep decorations to a minimum.

    Keep in mind while selling your home you don't want your decorations to be distracting to potential buyers. Your decorations shouldn't take away from the homes architectural details and condition. Avoid covering windows and other areas that would block natural light. Tasteful and simplified decorations can be an asset to a home sell. Minimize clutter by replacing nonseasonal decorations with seasonal,and avoid showcasing greeting cards. To avoid making a room appear small,replace your ten foot Christmas tree with a shorter, slimmer tree, and keep the gift display to a minimum. 

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    The photos of your home are what catches the buyers eye,making them want more! If your home is still on the market after the Holiday season has come and gone, you don't want holiday decorations in your photos. If possible have the photos of your home taken prior to decorating. Many Sales Agents also suggest removing the Holiday Decorations quickly after the Holiday. 

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    Curb appeal

    Exterior decorations can be a fantastic way to pleasantly welcome potential buyers. Small wreaths, elegant lighting, and a small bow on the mailbox can be tasteful ways to decorate your exterior. Avoid too many different colored lights or large decorations that could create a distraction. InflatableRudolph should probably sit this year out!

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 Dancing, singing, loud characters are always a fun addition to the holiday season, just not when its on a home on the market. Potential home buyers want to walk into a home and imagine themselves living  there. Flashing lights and singing characters would take the focus off of the homes potential. The ultimate goal is to sell your home; opt for elegance, simplicity and generic decorations. During walk through's, play soft background music rather than loud up beat music.  White lights add elegance, simplicity, and a warm glow, making the home more inviting to the buyer. If your favorite holiday colors clash with the color scheme, you may want to reconsider displaying them while your home is on the market. Stay with the same color palette to make each room as appealing as possible.  

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  You don't have to ditch the Holiday decorations altogether,just don't feel compelled to hang every strand of lights, all the boughs of holly,all Menorahs and every Holiday greeting card you receive.  If you're still unsure whether you should decorate your home or not, ask one of our A TEAM members- we'll be sure to lead you in the right direction!!


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