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Dated: 02/09/2018

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After getting a taste of the trails at Cattail Cove State Park, I was ready to hit the trails again.  Last weekend's short trek of McKinney Loop was a great family experience, but today I left the little ones (and the dog) at home.  My son (11) and nephew (12) were my trailmates today, and they were ready to cover some ground.

After asking some questions at the ranger station, we decided on a path.  We would head up Boat Launch Wash to Wayne's Way, follow the trail to Ripley's Run, veer off to visit Whyte's Retreat, take Ted's Trail back to Wayne's Way, then make our way back down the wash, for a hike of just under 4 miles. 


Palo Verde tree

It was an easy walk of only .4 miles up the wash to where the trail begins, and several lizards have already crossed our path.  My son's hoping to get a picture of one, but they're quite fast.

Wayne's Way begins here from Boat Ramp Wash

Ripley's Run

My fitness level is lacking right now, so my heart rate quickly rose as the switchback trail ascended up the rocky hillside.

The boys got excited as they read the sign where the path met Ripley's Run.  The part that read "This trail is moderately difficult and requires climbing up/down three dry water falls" got them revved up to continue.  "Be snake aware" made me a little nervous, but the incredible views from atop took my mind off that in no time.

Beautiful Lake Havasu - Havasu means "blue-green water"

Image title

Although appreciative of an 80-degree day in early February, we were equally thankful for the cool breeze and cold bottles of water in our backpack.  Still, we warmed up quickly, and the boys wanted to pour our drinking water over their heads.  I had to tell them that we brought enough water to drink, but not enough to douse ourselves in.  As if I wasn't entertained enough listening to the conversations of two preteen boys, they cracked me up when they decided to strip down to their skivvies to cool down.

Image title

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The dirt trail, carving through desert sprinkled with sunburned rocks, and dipping into a couple of dry washes, led us to a change of scenery as we entered a narrow wash. 

Image titleEven though there were signs along the way, I  was glad we grabbed a map.  My sense of direction isn't what it used to be now that I've learned to rely on Google Maps

Image title

Image title

Image title

Image title

The boys relished in rock hopping, while I carefully maneuvered my way through. This area of Ripley's Run is likely what gives it a rating of moderate to difficult (according to the map), but it's actually quite simple to navigate.  As the boys complained that there was too much flat ground, I reminded them that this was a trail hike, not a climb.

I was glad the boys took a couple breaks from singing silly songs, rapping, and throwing rocks to enjoy the beauty of nature. It's pretty amazing to be walking a sandy surface, and look to both sides to see cactus sprouting from rugged rock walls.  

Before transitioning from Ripley's Run to Ted's Trail, we made a pit stop down to Whyte's Retreat, a boating campsite with a picnic table, barbeque, a (clean!) bathroom, and best of all a beautiful Lake Havasu beach. 

Whyte's Retreat

Image title

Ted's Trail is a short half-mile path, offering panoramic views of Lake Havasu from it's highest point, then meandering back down the hillside to Wayne's Way. The boys, nimble and energetic, jogged down even the steepest portions of the trail, as I kept a steady pace. 

Image title

As we ventured back down Boat Launch Wash, the final leg of our hike, my son was happy to finally capture a picture of a lizard.

Image title

Our explorations of Cattail Cove's trails both this weekend and last were a success, but maybe we'll come back in March, when the desert is blooming with color.  See you next time, Cattail Cove.

Photo Credit: All photos in this post were taken by my 11-year old son, Diesel McGregor.

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