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Dated: 02/28/2018

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Growing up in Lake Havasu, my sister and I ran all over the neighborhood, and we played outside EVERY day.  Parents today know the struggle when it comes to getting your kids to choose outdoor play over technology.  We all know the negative effects of too much screen time.  I'm not saying that television, tablets, or video games are a bad thing.  My kids love gluing their little faces to their tablets, and they also enjoy indoor imaginary play, getting creative with art, and building with Legos, but kids need to get outside and play too.  It's all about balance, and having a trampoline helps us find that balance.

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When they tell me they're bored, I tell them to go play on the trampoline.  If they're trying to binge-watch cartoons, I tell them to go play on the trampoline.  When we can't break away to get to the park or go for a hike, I tell them to go play on the trampoline.  Same goes for when it's after dark and I don't want them riding bikes out front.  Go play on the trampoline!


They don't just jump either.  Did you know there are all of kinds of trampoline games?  The favorite at our house is 'Dead Man'.  Sounds creepy, but it's not.


Trampoline play isn't limited to the cooler months either.  In the Summer, we run the hose to ours.  We have a shower head attached to the hose and we zip-tie it to the top of one of the safety poles.

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Sometimes it's not about having fun playing games while getting their exercise.  Sometimes it's just about hanging out.

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Trampolines are reasonably priced, and the cost per bounce is merely pennies.  We bought our trampoline at our local Big 5 Sporting Goods, but can also be found at Kmart and Walmart.

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