First Time Home Buyers

Dated: 10/19/2017

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So you think you're ready to become a home owner?

Change is going to happen, let me help you make a difference; you can do this on your own, or you could meet with us in our office and get started in 20 minutes!  Everyone knows minimum wage is $10, unless you receive tips; therefore, several people have been thinking about buying a home but don't know where to start!  Traditionally, first time home-buyers tend to apply for financing from a lender because they don't have enough cash to buy a house.  If you need a loan there's 3 things that you used to need to get financing:

In order to become a home owner you need to be pre-qualified by a lender or have enough cash to buy it.  A lender can help you out with down payment assistance or an FHA with 3% down payment assistance, so you don't need a down-payment!  (Click the links for more information)  Talk to a lender, once your pre-qualified you will know how much house you can afford.  Do some research and check out these 8 steps to buying a home so you know what you're getting into.

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Make time to evaluate your own income-to-debt ratio, monthly expenses, and credit to determine if you can afford to become a home owner, then go talk to a lender.  Talk to people that you know who are home owners and find out their story!  Research the current market in the area that you're looking at living in so you know the schools, neighborhoods, events, and the community.  You're going to need time; therefore, you want to schedule, plan, organize, and breath because this going to be the biggest impact on your life, friends, family, and your wallet!

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Home ownership can be extremely stressful on top of your daily life, so don't stress about closing costs or expenses because your lender wants to make it affordable for you but also profitable for them.  Your closing costs can actually be added into your loan amount as long as it's affordable.  Stress on getting what you want but remember price is always a factor.

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You're going to hire a loan consultant, title company, & home inspector, why not hire a broker/salesperson too?  Hiring a broker/salesperson can help keep the stress levels down; most have nice comfortable vehicles and offices to help you relax and enjoy the home shopping experience but most of all they should be there for you, returning your calls, finding you what you want, and want you to get what you deserve that you worked so hard for; otherwise you need to get a new agent.  Call me today for your residential real estate needs!

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